In 1975, an attempt was made to fill the needs of children who were admitted for long periods of time in the Children’s Hospital. This grew into a full-fledged department for children with differential learning needs – children with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, mild autism, attention deficits, children prone to epileptic fits and slow learners. At present we have around 80 children with scholarships provided for deserving children.

The curriculum followed is the National Institute of Open Schooling for the 10th and 12th Standard Levels. We encourage children to appear for the 10th Standard State Board (S.S.C.) exams at one sitting. We also offer the Pratham system in which children can show their level of proficiency at the 5th or 7th Standard levels.

Educational day trips and overnight trips to the Nehru Science Centre, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, the Karvi festival, Anandwan, Hemalkasa, Saguna Baug have been organized for our children. Value added activities such as star gazing, nature trails and monsoon treks are regularly organised and Sports Days and Annual Days give them an opportunity to showcase their talents in yoga, athletics, karate, gymnastics, music, dance, public speaking and acting.

The children are exposed to a variety of vocational subjects such as pottery, sewing/embroidery, cooking/baking, music, art/craft, gardening, computers, yoga, speech and drama in the hope that they can pursue these as careers or be self-employed. Our children regularly attend professionally designed workshops on bakery and tie and dye. This ensures that all children leave the Centre with some useful skills and certification of their academic levels that can make them independent and responsible adults.

CASE Special Education Therapists are trained in B.Ed. with Learning Difficulties and Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment. Ongoing workshops are conducted for their professional and personal development.


Craft activities allow the child to express, explore and grow. Skill development is the underlying agenda. Group sessions are conducted using materials like paper, colour, cloth, beads, jute, dried flowers, leaves etc. These art sessions help to enhance eye-hand co-ordination, fine motor skills, visual perception, sequencing, seriation etc.

Activities Art and Craft

Computer education plays an important role in students’ career development. Computers and the internet are some of the most powerful devices that children can use to learn new skills.

Activities Computers

Children learn how to select a recipe, source ingredients and keep materials ready. They become aware of the importance of eating healthy foods as well as the emotional and social significance of food.

Activities Cooking Baking

Gardening as a subject was introduced to the children who were appearing for SSC in 2017 as a work experience subject. Children enjoyed all the practical sessions conducted. Gardening, landscaping and organic farming can be looked at as career options.

Activities Gardening

Gymnastics is a sport that children enjoy. There are different types of exercises conducted as part of gymnastics. We focus on floor exercises at SRCC. Children are taught different floor exercises and are trained to participate in individual and team competitions at the institute.

Activities Gymnastics

Karate is a self-defense activity that is a combination of technique and skill. It can be used to protect oneself and others. Performance is evaluated based on fight and katta and medals are awarded accordingly. At SRCC, the focus is on body fitness, technique and skill. Children learn how to defend themselves and others.

Activities Karate

Music provides avenues for communication that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words. It helps to alleviate physical and psychological stress and can be pursued as a profession.

Music session

Pottery is a skill that is used for therapeutic intervention. With the use of organic clay, artefacts are made using one’s skill, imagination and experience. Guided group sessions are conducted by experienced therapists. Earthen clay, terracotta clay and stone ware clay are the materials used.

Activities Pottery

Embroidery helps the children to learn skills like buttoning, darning etc. and makes them self reliant. It increases their concentration, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, creativity and eye-hand co-ordination.

Children prepare a speech and learn to persuade others to see their point of view. They perform a skit and tell a story through action. Children gain confidence in public speaking.. Pronunciation, diction, tone of voice, use of appropriate action are some of the skills learnt. Children are equipped with the skills to choose acting as a profession.

Activities Speech Drama

Yoga in the tradition of Yogacharya BKS Iyengar, commonly referred to as Iyengar Yoga, is taught at CASE. Props like belts, ropes and chairs are used to help children do a variety of yogic postures [asanas]. The children attend two classes of 30- 45 minutes duration every week.

Activities yoga

Achievements of Our Children

Results – Academic Year 2021-22
SSC Board NIOS Secondary NIOS Senior Secondary
Garv Singh Chopra 89.00% Pujitha Manchala 68.00% Kevin Vedamuthu 73.80%
Zayan Dhariwala 86.60% Shree Mahadik 64.00% Gaurav Giri 72.80%
Harshil Pandya 80.60% Yashodhan Setty 67.60% Naiteek Shah 71.20%
Palak Jain 80.60% Vedant Dukane 58.80% Shantanu Honale 70.80%
Sanchit Chalke 77.60% Ronak Shah 70.80%
Kush Shah 76.40%
Insiyya Lakdawala 75.20%

Heartiest Congratulations on your excellent success and good luck for more progress.

Words of Encouragement