Stories Of Hope

Success Stories

Name: Satyam Rastogi
Residence: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Case: CP Spastic Diplegia
Present Age: 25 years
Date of Registration: Dec 1998
Doctor: Dr. Chawda & Dr. Rakesh Bhansali

Concerns at time of Registration at SRCC:

  1. Spastic lower limb muscle
  2. Standing on toes only with support from walls
  3. Dyslexia and sentence writing consumed time
  4. Frequent salivation while talking and while sitting idle

He had low IQ compared to the other children of his age. Unable to walk independently. Attended Physiotherapy, Education Therapy and Occupational Therapy


  • Walking independently with the help of crutches
  • Learnt to write properly and overcame his dyslexic problems
  • Speech problems were resolved
  • Started therapy at the age of 6 years and all milestones were achieved by 12-13 years of age
  • Started studying in normal school and secured good marks
  • Completed his SSC and HSC board exams
  • Started preparing for MBBS after his 12th
  • Gave NEET Medical entrance exam in 2013
  • Selected for pursuing MBBS in Government Medical College, Kolkata
  • Currently, MBBS intern at Government Medical College, Kolkata.

Experience at SRCC :
Here are a few thoughts shared by him: “SRCC has changed my life from being a spastic patient to a doctor in Government Medical College, Kolkata. It is here where I learnt to walk by crutches for the first time in my life by the guidance of physiotherapists who are my doctors in the true sense. At this place I have got my basics in education. Later in class 10th I decided I want to become a doctor because I thought a good patient can become a good doctor too. I am very thankful to Sadhana ma’am (Occupational Therapist) who taught me how to do all my basic work. Its SRCC where I got confident about my life, that it is for something good. Thank you SRCC for nurturing the basics of life in me & confidence. I hope many more parents get their happiness there by seeing their own child getting confident for life.”

Name: Kamarjahan Idris
Case: CP with dyslexia
Present Age: 25 years

History :

  • Started Remedial therapy at the age of 2 years and continued up to 18 years of age
  • Born in a middle-class family, could not afford attending special school
  • Struggled throughout her school life to cope in a school for regular children
  • Along with the normal school, she attended remedial therapy sessions at SRCC

Stepping stone in her life :
Failed in class 9 and faced lot of issues from the school being a child with special needs. However the school promoted her to class 10.


  • 10th Standard – Passed with a first class
  • 12th Standard – Passed with 62%
  • D.Ed. – Stood first in college
  • Gradate Degree – B. Com + B.Ed + M.A. in literature
  • Post Graduate – M.Com major with Economics + M. Ed in Research Methodology

Career :

  • Started working as a teacher in the same school in which she managed her schooling with dyslexia
  • Currently working in a reputed school as a Project Head.

Name: Dipti Amrutlal Mehta
Case: CP Spastic Quadriplegia
Doctor: Dr. N. M Shah
Present Age: 30 years
Age at the time of Diagnosis: 1 year


1 year old child unable to walk, her parents instead of panicking and losing hopes they thought of finding alternatives and happen to consult at the Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital where she was diagnosed with CP Spastic Quadriplegia.


  • Started Physical therapy at the age of 2 years at SRCC.
  • Simultaneously undertook Occupational therapy.
  • Underwent operation at the age of 6 or 8 years for reliving stiff muscles on the lower limbs. Her legs became more flexible & Continued physiotherapy.
  • Underwent operation at the age of 14 years above the knee since she was not able to lift her legs.

Experience at SRCC:

Thoughts shared by Ms. Dipti, “Though my parents forced me to walk I couldn’t walk a step at the age of 1 year, my parents were my greatest support at that time they didn’t worry about it and rather shouldered the responsibility and immediately consulted Orthopaedic surgeon at SRCC, Dr. N.M Shah, I was then diagnosed with CP Spastic Quadriplegia, one of the most severe forms of CP marked by the inability to use the arms, legs and body. By the age of 2 years I had started with physiotherapy. At SRCC the therapists were professional enough to make my therapy as enjoyable as possible by using age-appropriate toys and games. I also undertook Occupational therapy which has helped me develop skills to perform activities and tasks independently at home, school etc. I underwent two surgeries first one when I was 6 years to relax the stiffness in muscles and then the second to enable uplifting of my leg at the age of 14 years. By the age of 17 years I could finally walk on my own with the help of crutches.
I want to thank SRCC for the dedication they showed towards my progress and will always appreciate it.”