Training and Skills at CASE (TASC)

Training and Skills at CASE (TASC) is a step we have taken up since July 2021, towards our ultimate aim to instil in our children a great sense of worth and uniqueness, thereby enabling them to develop to their full potential. At TASC, the skill-based courses along with certain core competencies, in areas like soft skills, computers, (MSCIT), financial literacy and spoken English will help the children for a smooth transition from academic to work life. Children between the ages of 14 to 17 can choose any one skill based on their aptitude and liking, from Karate, Yoga, Pottery, Gardening and garden related services, Cooking and Baking. At the end of a two-year programme, our children will be ready to step out into the world, certified, interned and equipped with the necessary pre skills in the relevant course.

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