• April 13, 2023


Pre-Workshop Webinar & Hands-On Paediatric Rehab Workshop
Date:April 7, 2023 & April 13, 2023
Venue: Auditorium, SRCC Centre for Child Development

Presenters & their topic of discussion (Pre-Workshop Webinar):
Dr. Anaita Hegde – Approach to hypotonia – Neurological understanding.
Dr. Taral Nagda – Orthopaedic issues in a child with hypotonic disorders.
Ms. Brinda Merchant – Aquatic Therapy in Hypotonia – An overview.
Dr. Vijayendra Rajguru – Chest Physiotherapy in Paediatric Neurological (Hypotonic) Conditions.
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sinha – Hypotonic Child & Their Orthotic Management.
Dr. Mona Patel – Role of Physiotherapy Management in Hypotonia.
Ms. Gayatri Hattiangadi – The child with Hypotonia – Special Perspective -Role of Oromotor Treatment.

Presenters & their topic of discussion (Hands-On Paediatric Rehab Workshop):
Dr. Anaita Hegde
Dr. Taral Nagda
Ms. Brinda Merchant – Station 1: Aqua therapy: Intro & Treatment Strategies.
Dr. Vijayendra Rajguru -Station 2: Focus on respiratory challenges & Chest Physiotherapy.
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sinha – Station 4: Orthotics: Evaluation & Management.
Dr. Mona Patel – Station 4: Posture & tone management.
Ms. Gayatri Hattiangadi – Station 3: Oro motor & Feeding Concerns & management.

The format of this workshop was unique in that the attendees got an opportunity to learn from a hands-on and practical approach rather than a theoretical approach. The other unique aspect was multi-disciplinary pre and post case discussions. A total of 97 therapists participated in the event, including external participants, faculty & in house participants.