Interpersonal Skills Training

Interpersonal Skills Training event
  • April 23, 2019

Interpersonal Skills Training

Interpersonal Skills Training
Date: April 23, 2019
Venue: SRCC Centre for Child Development, Auditorium

A workshop on “Interpersonal Skill development” was organized for all the staff members (Management, Clinical and non-clinical) at SRCC Centre for Child Development to enhance the essential quality of interpersonal communication. Advanced and experienced life-coach Ms. Swati Apte was a perfect fit to train all the employees in understanding and improving communication gaps and barriers. Ms. Apte being a business strategy specialist and having a passion in arts, strongly believed that a combination of organizational insights, practical experience and live arts practices has a deep impact and sustained behavioral results.

Employees could experience the impact of communication via interactive activities and its theoretical understanding. A strong interpersonal communication model would ultimately reflect in the quality of child friendly services being offered at the SRCC Centre for Child Development.