Audio Therapy (Starting Soon)

Hearing loss is the single most severe setback to a baby’s ability to communicate. Deafness is invisible. It does not just restrict speech and language development, it impedes every aspect of a child’s growth and personality including education, intellectual development, emotional balance and social interactions.

No child outgrows deafness.

Early diagnosis allows these babies to stay connected to sound so that they are able to learn by listening alone. It allows babies born with a hearing loss, to develop early and age-appropriate listening and spoken language skills, so that they grow up to be contributing members of society.To learn to speak, a baby must first be able to hear. This learning is best done in the first three years of a baby’s life. If a baby cannot hear, he/she cannot learn to speak well.

The Audiology department at the SRCC Children’s Hospital will focus on early detection, early diagnosis and the fitting of appropriate amplification. The Therapy Department, at SRCC Centre for Child Development will work with babies and young children. The department will follow the principles of Auditory Verbal Therapy to teach the children to listen, learn and speak. Our focus will be on effective early intervention that will promote the development of age-appropriate listening and speech skills.We hope to work in partnership with parents and families and offer a service that allows them to make informed choices in the habilitation of their children.