World Autism Awareness Month – April 2022

  • April 23, 2022

World Autism Awareness Month – April 2022

Celebrations – World Autism Awareness Month – April 2022
Date: April 1 / April 19 / April 23, 2022
Venue: “RUSH”, Fort, Mumbai and “Auditorium”, SRCC Centre for Child Development

SRCC Centre for Child Development performed following events on occasion of “World Autism Awareness Month Celebration” in April, 2022…

Event I – SRCC exhibited its support for Autism by organizing a picnic on 1st April, 2022 to “RUSH” – an indoor park with huge play area and inbuilt toys located at Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai 400001. Twenty-six children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, seeking Rehabilitation Services at the Centre participated in the picnic along with the staff of SRCC and one parent per child.  The play area was equipped with Trampolines, Slides, a Ball Pool etc. It provided a sensorial experience for these children who crave sensory input. Snacks & water bottles were given to all which were ordered from Arpan Café – a café run by a group of autistic children. The indoor play area enabled the children to let their imagination run wild in a safe and secure space wherein the children had a great fun.

Event II – A panel discussion on spreading Awareness on Autism was held on 19th April, 2022 in the Auditorium at SRCC Centre for Child Development. The panel discussion was held with three eminent speakers – Dr. Sushama Nagarkar, Ms. Parul Kumtha and Dr. Tatyana Dias. The therapists and the parents of the children seeking services at SRCC Centre’s CASE Special Education Therapy Department participated wholeheartedly in the discussion. Ms. Shibani Wadhwa compered the discussion with great enthusiasm which was an absolutely splendid & insightful session and experience for each of the therapists as well as parents of our children. The discussion specially stressed upon identifying & channelising interests and developing life skills with collaborative efforts knowing the fact that parenting is a continuous process at every stage to listen, support and give space to such differently abled population to grow. This session gave a new perspective towards looking at life’s physical and emotional problems and how they co relate to each other assuring that problem solving is not so difficult as much as it seems. Subsequent to the panel discussion an interactive question & answer session was held with parents which was productive & valuable.

Event III – SRCC Centre for Child Development in collaboration with Ms. Gopika Kapoor conducted a Book Launch Ceremony – “Beyond the Blue” on 23rd April, 2022. Ms. Gopika Kapoor, Author of the book shared her thoughts and experience of a parent in nurturing a child with special needs. Mrs. Nisha Aggarwal, Rehabilitation Director introduced the book, author and Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy, Guest Speaker to over hundred attendees who participated in the book launch.  The Guest Speaker gave a brief presentation on “What is Autism & why the book is relevant & a must-read for all parents and not just for those with children who have special needs”. Son of the Author, Master Veer Kapoor who is seeking therapy at CASE Special Education Therapy Department in our SRCC Centre for Child Development spoke about himself and the book. Ms. Gayatri Kapoor, Author’s daughter read out a poem “The Blue Boy” written by her for her brother. Cookies from Arpan Cafe an inclusive café run by adults with developmental disabilities were served along with tea/coffee. Mr. Shivam Sharma, an autistic adult was the photographer for this event. Mrs. Mala Ramadorai, Chairperson CASE Sub-Committee concluded the event by highlighting the importance of regional language aiding the disable patients to share their concerns with professionals.  This book can be procured from Amazon India in English and Hindi Languages.

Let us remember that people suffering from autism are no less than anyone else – “I am different, not less”.